April 25 through May 2, 2024


All fingerprints that are needed for CWPs, schools, licensing or anything else are done from 9am to NOON every Wednesday.

Our Facebook page does give reports of scams and other important information as needed to get to the public.

Concealed Weapon Permits:

New and renewal applications for Concealed Weapon Permits may be picked up at the Sheriff’s Office anytime.

Once approved, you will be contacted to come in on Wednesday between 9 AM and noon for fingerprints and photographs.

May 2, 2024

7:10pm       PC Hospital reported a patient involved in a vehicle accident at their facility; Deputy responded

                   to the call; case file started.

May 3, 2024

1:29am        911 received reporting buffalo on Route 66; call transferred to Ft Belknap LE.

11:13am      Female reported a deer had been attacked by a dog and was injured; Undersheriff responded to

                    the call; deer humanely euthanized, owner located and advised about letting the dog run at large.

          3:57pm       Male reported a scam.

We have been receiving calls, and individuals have been coming in to report telephone calls, text messages,

emails and social media contacts, with people asking for personal information, bank account

information and needing to send money or gift cards to relatives, calls reporting

fraudulent activity on an account or card or reporting accidents. Along with individuals receiving

checks for large amounts of money.


These are scams, if it seems suspicious DO NOT GIVE any information to the caller. Ask for a call

back phone number and call them back to see if it is who they are claiming to be or simply HANG UP.

If you don’t recognize the phone number on the caller ID, don’t answer it.  If it is a person who

truly needed to contact you, they will leave a message. If you don’t know the sender of the check,

do not cash it.

The IRS and the Federal Justice System do not contact people via telephone.

Always remember the key things regarding scams:

  1. If you didn't enter, you didn't win
  2. If you have to pay to receive your prize, you didn’t win.
  3. If you have a lawsuit or other legal issues pending you will get notification via certified mail
  4. or served to you by an official, whether it is a law enforcement officer or a civil process server

If you feel you have been a victim of a scam, please follow the link below to the Office of Consumer Protection. or call the Montana State Legislature Fraud Hotline: 1-800-222-4446.

You can also call the National Do Not Call Registry phone number, 1-888-382-1222, to have your

phone number removed from solicitors.  Call this number from EACH phone number you want removed,

cell or landline.

6:30pm       Female reported an injured duck; Deputy responded to the call and removed the duck.

6:36pm       Deputy performed building and residential security checks in the Sleeping Buffalo, Saco

                   and Hwy 2 east areas.

7:08pm       Deputy performed building and residential security checks in the Dodson and Hwy 2 west areas.

10:10pm     Deputy performed building and residential security checks in the Wagner and Hwy 363 areas.

11:00pm     Female requested assistance for an elderly, out of town, patron who needed help finding

                   a hotel; Deputies handled the call.         

11:40pm     Male reported a vehicle and trailer swerving over both lines and into the other lane of

                   traffic on Hwy 2, east of Malta; Deputies responded to the call and located the vehicle;

                   driver was not impaired, just heading home.

May 4, 2024

10:21am      Male reported hearing possible gunshots in the Trafton Park area; Undersheriff responded

                    to the call; all found to be quiet and no one around the area.

7:50pm       Male requested law enforcement assistance with a situation involving an ex-employee;

                   Deputy handled the call.

10:03pm     Deputy performed building and residential security checks in the Malta area.

11:10pm     Male requested law enforcement assistance with a situation involving a juvenile;

                   Deputy responded to the call; situation resolved without further incident.

May 5, 2024

7:56am        Male reported a possible trespassing situation; Undersheriff and Sheriff handled the call.

          1:13pm       Male reported a missing wallet.

4:07pm       Male given a one night stay through the Ministerial Association.

7:44pm       Deputy received a report of suspicious activity in the Ester Lake area and responded to the area.

May 6, 2024

12:25pm     PC Library requested assistance with a transient in their building; Undersheriff responded

                   to the call; male given a ride to get a train ticket to leave the area.

          1:40pm       Female reported lost property.

2:55pm       Female reported an erratic vehicle on Hwy 191 south, heading northbound; Undersheriff

                   responded to the call; vehicle located and driving was okay.

4:56pm       Sheriff received information about suspicious activity that occurred the day before; information

                   passed onto the Deputies.

8:14pm       911 received reporting an individual threatening to kill the caller; Deputies responded to the call;

                   case file started.

8:29pm       911 received requesting an ambulance for a male having a seizure north of Malta; Deputies

                   and local EMT Crew responded to the call; male transported to the PC Hospital.

8:51pm       Deputy transported one adult male, John Hughes Jr, to PCSO to be incarcerated in PCSO Jail

                   on Assault charges; male later released on bond.

9:12pm       Male reported a female who took off on foot and now cannot be found on the Zortman cut-across

                   road; caller later reported the female had been found shortly after the initial report.         

9:17pm       Male reported a vehicle speeding down Central Ave; Deputies responded to the call; vehicle

                   located, was parked and no one was around.

May 7, 2024

3:10am        Valley Co Deputy served a PCSO warrant on one adult female, Mary Henry; female later

                    released on bond.

1:16pm       Female reported damage to a vehicle window; Sheriff responded to the call; case file started.

2:04pm       Local Ambulance responded to the PC Hospital for a ground transport to Havre.

May 8, 2024

7:55am        Undersheriff and Deputy performed building security checks at the Malta Elementary and

                    Malta High Schools.

9:13pm       Deputies received a report of an individual shooting at dogs in a residential area; Deputy

                   responded to the area, located “pellets” and no one was around.

11:11pm     Deputies performed building and residential security checks in the Malta area.

May 9, 2024

12:05am      Deputy performed building and residential security checks in the Wagner and Hwy 363 areas.

9:05am        Female reported a fraud; Deputy responded to the call; case file started.

1:26pm       Deputy removed debris from the Milk River Bridge area.